BE FREE FRIDAY #101 – Holiday Gift Guide!

Okay, y’all, Monica here, and we’ve switched gears this week for Be Free Friday. In lieu of a typical encouraging and uplifting spiritual message, I changed it up and decided to do a Holiday Gift Guide. It is, after all, December 1, and therefore the perfect time to start making purchases (online in the privacy of your own pajamas if possible). Some of these need a little extra lead time, so what better day to get started than Today!

Below are five gifts I have had my eye on — either for myself, or for others on my list. Some of these may have been purchased already (either for myself, or for others on my list, hahaha). Links to each are listed below with pictures to entice and woo you.

Also, each of the below are UNDER $40. Come. on. now.

Happy shopping and happy Be Free Friday!

(Also note: none of these are affiliate links, and none of these are paid. Anything I purchased from this list, I did with my own cold, hard cash and received nothing free in exchange for a review!)


So I have several pair of these earrings in various shapes and styles, and I get more compliments on them than just about anything else I ever wear. I’ve also gifted them about three million times. They’re incredibly affordable, well-made, and arrive already wrapped for you in an adorable box tied up with a ribbon. What more could you want?? These would make great gifts for any friend, family member, or your favorite teacher. I may or may not have just bought the black quilted ones for myself. Ahem.

To make it even better, now through December 15, everything is 35% off with the code HOHOHO and it’s free standard shipping in the US!


These are gorgeous cutting boards for any person or couple you need to buy a gift for. There are approximately 14 million sizes and design options, and you can personalize or customize these as you so desire. You can even get a logo put on there. (Um, hello? Be cutting board anyone?) They’re so beautiful that you might even want to add onto the gift a display stand so it can be proudly shown off in your loved one’s home.

TOMS APPLE WATCH BANDS & IPHONE CASESWatch Bands                                                   iPhone Cases

Who doesn’t love TOMS products?? If someone you love has an iPhone or Apple Watch, these bands and cases by TOMS are beyond cool. They’re exclusively at Target, and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Even better, they’re the gift that gives back: with each purchase of a TOMS iPhone case or band for Apple Watch, TOMS works with its Giving Partners to support their efforts to bring solar light to individuals in need through subsidized solar lights, which help reduce regular use of kerosene lamps.


Who doesn’t need a wristlet to carry around your phone, lip gloss and some money when you don’t want your huge purse? And what teen girl doesn’t want a cute patterned wristlet THAT WILL CHARGE HER PHONE?? These wristlets from Sakroots are so incredibly cute and come in a wide variety of incredible patterns and colors that you’re certain to find the perfect one for (yourself, or) the person you love. It includes a detachable rechargeable battery pack that will charge your phone up to one full battery. WHAT ON EARTH MORE COULD YOU NEED. Also, they’re available on Amazon Prime so you can get it quickly.


Anyone on your list a quality time person? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER. Vertellis is a Dutch company started by three friends that have a really cool back story you can read about on the website. But basically, their tagline says it all: “Less small talk, more genuine conversation.”

Vertellis is a box of questions that you go around and ask each other — questions that trigger memories and stories to get to know those closest to you in a deeper way, and it’s played in four rounds:

  • Rounds one and three ask questions about what has happened in the past twelve months and the hopes and dreams of the upcoming twelve.
  • The best stories come to light in these rounds, and asking follow-up questions here is highly recommended!
  • In rounds two and four you will be able to gather points by guessing certain answers about each other. Every correct guess will yield a point and by the end of the evening, the winner will be revealed!

Vertellis ships free in the US, but do note that it’s currently on backorder. So if you absolutely want it by Christmas, don’t delay in placing your order.

Alright, that’s it! I hope this list gave you some fun ideas for the loved ones you’re shopping for this Christmas. What other things are you giving? Comment below and share them with all of us!

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