We walk around wounded.

Hearts are wounded, and minds are wounded, and eyes are wounded…so everything we feel and think and see is filtered through a grimy film of pain. Of hurt. Of insecurity and unworthiness and loneliness and gray. All 50 shades of it.

We respond out of our wounds. We react out of our hurt. Our insecurity and unworthiness and loneliness dictates we should be angry and unloving and defensive, and after all, we deserve better, don’t we?

We deserve…we deserve…we deserve.

The D-word. It waves high on a red flag warning of danger, Will Robinson — we’re about to be lost in the vast space between lies and truth.

It’s time we begin healing our hearts and our minds and our eyes, so that we might feel and think and see unclouded and unveiled. It’s time we allow love — true, biblical love — to cover us so that we feel and think and see the way God intends for us to.

In this podcast episode — week 2 of the Be Loved and Live Small Group Bible Study — we talk about the distinction of Jesus’ love for us. In week 1, we covered the love of God…but this week focuses specifically on the love of Christ. Yes, they’re the same, but they’re also different. As we uncover in the podcast, there is a great distinction between the love of God and the love of Christ. As Sara says, God’s love was displayed by giving His Son to die…but it was Jesus who did the dying!

Jesus does not love me because of who I am; He loves me because it is who He is. 

Imagine walking around with a true revelation of Jesus’ love for you. Imagine responding and reacting out of agape love instead of pain; letting our replies be dictated by love and grace and kindness and compassion.

What would it look like if the filter was illuminated by holiness instead of humanity?

Journeying toward understanding God’s love and Christ’s love is the beginning of a changed life…we believe that with our whole hearts. Start the journey with this week’s podcast, and if you want to take it to a deeper level, check out the Be Together Small Group Bible Study on Be Loved and Live.




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