I’m an introvert by nature. This means many, many complicated things when it comes to me, unfortunately. The most important (and most obvious) is that I’m very awkward at large social gatherings, and will always find the One Person I can glom on to and delve into deep conversation with. The more open and transparent they are, the more I adore them, and before they know what’s happening, I become a freaky over-sharer and they run and hide to get away.


But it’s the honesty I’m attracted to. The raw, open, vulnerability of here’s-what’s-happening-in-my-life-right-this-minute that sucks me in. Because they’re sharing story, and I adore story. Not the story you’re trying to portray, but the real one. When you’re open about that, I’m in baby. All in.

And our conversation with Shauna had me all in, people. 

Shauna Niequist is an author and speaker and mom and all the other million things it means to be a woman today. In our chat with her, we talked about her newest book, Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are and the process that led her to write it. But we also talk about so many other things — balancing life as a woman, her recent trip to Israel and Palestine, her struggle to shed the solider of efficiency version of herself and morph back into her true self. We talked about her dislike for cinnamon and her love of cold pizza. And then we talked about how important it is to BE first and before you DO.

In a nutshell, our chat with Shauna was everything my introverted nature craves, and should I ever find myself at a party with her, she shall be the one I glom on to. (Consider yourself warned, Shauna.) 

You’re going to adore Savor. You’re going to want to hold it in your hands and drink a cup of hot tea while you pour over its words. And since it’s a daily devotional, every single day you’ll get to crack open those pages and feel like you’re glomming with Shauna personally. So enter the giveaway below to win a free copy! And then go order a copy for someone you love at any of these retailers:


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You can visit Shauna’s website to read more about her and check out her blog. Her writing is always insightful and invites you into the discussion. I’d like to write just like her when I grow up.

Thanks for listening in this week, and we’ll be back next time continuing the Be Loved and Live series!


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