1. First, be honest…do you struggle with feeling like you are not enough? Identify those areas that you struggle. Write them all down. Then next to them write a truth…it can be a Bible verse or a word of truth.  The goal is to rework our language and change our thoughts.
  2. Is Satan tempting you somewhere in your life? Have you consulted anyone as to what you should do? Find someone you can trust to consult and talk about what might be tempting you.
  3. Write out a scripture that is truth you need to hear and post it everywhere. Again, this is so you can change your language and thoughts.
  4. Do you know someone who is struggling being enough? If so, how can you come along side that person?  A note? Prayer? What does it look like and move to action.


  1. Are you loving and serving God right where you are, despite His silence when it comes to your heart’s desire? Elizabeth kept doing the next right thing, even when it didn’t feel good. She honored who she was and the lineage from which she came, and ultimately didn’t turn her back on God when His response seemed to be What area in your life are you maybe subtly rebelling against God because you didn’t get what you want? Repent of it and commit to turning from that attitude. Allow His love to reassure you that His plans for you are mighty, and renew your trust in Him.
  1. Is what God says about you and your situation of greater value than what others say to you? Other people will always have an opinion about what you’re going through. The nature of humanity is to judge and assume we have all the answers. At some point, we have to tune that noise out in order to hear the still, small voice of God. Stop placing the opinions of others as more valuable than the Truth. You’re no less a woman if you don’t have children. You’re no less of a woman if you don’t have a husband. You’re no less a mother if you don’t have a job outside the home. You’re no less an employee if you want to work part-time and not full-time. What does God say about YOU? That is all that matters.


  1. Identify something in your restrictions on your ministry…self-imposed or otherwise. Pray and ask the Lord to identify what is keeping you from reaching your full potential as a minister.



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