We couldn’t be more excited about this guest if we tried. Monica and Sara met Logan at the Allume Conference a few years ago — a conference that impacted them both greatly. They were both captivated by Logan Wolfram’s passion for Jesus, her hospitable nature, and her desire for women to connect to God and each other.

Logan reached a point recently where the Allume Conference was very successful — it was growing every year as women from across the country participated. But Logan suddenly heard God telling her to step away, despite the seeming “success” of the conference. And so she did.

We heard Logan talk in-depth about her journey toward that decision in this episode of  the Hope*Writers podcast, and we encourage you to listen to it as soon as you get a chance! Logan has so much insight and wisdom about her willingness to follow Jesus…so much so that as soon as Monica heard it, she forwarded it to Sara and Amber declaring Logan needed to be a guest for this podcast series.

In this episode, Logan shares about her struggles to feel like she’s enough in the eyes of God and others, and what it looks like to be “successful.” Her transparency and willingness to shed expectations are remarkably refreshing, and we know you’ll be as blessed as we were by her!


Logan Wolfram would give you full access to her pantry if you lived next door. She is a plate-juggling mom and interior decorator turned conference host, author, and speaker. Logan has traveled the world writing and telling stories on behalf of nonprofit organizations like Food for the Hungry and is on the Digital Advisory Board for the Internationally recognized Museum of the Bible. Logan speaks to audiences around the country and her work has been featured online with Proverbs 31 Ministries, Girlfriends in God, Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience, Family Christian Stores, Lifeway Online, and more. She is a passionate leader who desires to see women live fully in Christ. Her first book, Curious Faith; Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility released March 1, 2016 with David C Cook. Logan and her husband, Jeremy, divide their time between wrangling two inquisitive boys and a 175-pound dog named Titan. They reside in Greenville, South Carolina.


Website: http://loganwolfram.com

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/LoganLWolfram/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/loganlwolfram

Instagram: http://instagram.com/loganlwolfram

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/loganlwolfram




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