EPISODE 114: MEET NOELLE MOORE (Everyday Woman Interview)

(Photos by Scott Cook)

In July 2013, Noelle Moore lived every parent’s worst nightmare. She arrived at the hospital to give birth—to her first child, a little girl named Finley—and a few days later, left with only her husband. Their daughter would never come home with them.

As the doctors removed the tube from her daughter’s nose and the IV drip from her foot, Finley’s brief life came to an end.

In the months that followed, Moore’s family and friends provided her with emotional support. But Moore was in a particularly bad place; not only had she lost her beloved daughter, but her dad had passed away a few months earlier. And only a 
few weeks after losing her only child, she came home to an empty house—her husband had left her.

Listen to this Everyday Woman interview as Noelle tells her how her grief turned to hope and a desire to help others suffering the same type of loss. Truly a story of God’s most beautiful redemption!

For more information on The Finley Project, visit http://www.thefinleyproject.org/.

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