BE IN THE WORD (this week’s verses):

Love others as well as you love yourself. (Mark 12:31, emphasis ours)

BE DOERS, NOT JUST HEARERS (practical application):

1. Pray every day that God would show you how to love Him more…and how to love yourself as an overflow of your love for Him.

2. Identify behaviors or patterns in your life that are evidence of self-loathing or insecurity. Pray the Holy Spirit would stop you in the middle of that behavior and gently illuminate those things, and give you the strength to stop.

3. Study the fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. Pick one that you know you need to grow in your life in order to love yourself more. Maybe it’s self-control to say no to things that drain you. Or maybe it’s patience for the journey, giving yourself grace to change slowly. Pick one and be intentional about exhibiting that fruit to yourself, through the power of God and the Spirit.

BE EDUCATED (additional resources):

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