EPISODE 129: ABIGAIL (Be Different Series)

BE IN THE WORD (this week’s verses):

1 Samuel 25:1-42 tells the story of Abigail and her dare to be different.

BE EDUCATED (additional resources):

  1. ALL THE WOMEN OF THE BIBLE–ABIGAIL. This article does an amazing job telling us about who Abigail is and her story.
  2. ABIGAIL: WISE AND DETERMINED. Abigail is one of 7 women in a series and her story is told in this article. Beautifully written, the author sets the stage for 3 main characters and tells of each of them.

BE DOERS, NOT JUST HEARERS (practical application):

  1. Reflect on how Abigail was different. Is there one area you see that you know you need to become “Different”?
  2. Now put a plan in place for how to practice “different”. Ask for accountability; write post it notes around; pray for God to give you awareness and ability; memorize scripture.

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