Since Sara is the Left-Brained Free One, it’s only natural that Monica is the Right-Brained Still One, right? And it’s not just convenient, it’s true. She’s the graphic-y designer-y one who adores all things fonts, colors and textures. But she’s also got a business-mind that keeps that creativity from turning into procrastination (though it’s taken years and years of practice.)

Monica is an introverted recovering self-loather who is learning to appreciate who God created her to be. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she moved to Atlanta after graduating in Communications at Washington State University. She would have moved back to Washington State if she hadn’t met a Southern boy who swept her off her feet.

Monica, her husband and two (amazing) children in the mountains of Western North Carolina in a town with two stop lights. She spends her time planning trips to The Big City where she can go to Target and get fresh highlights. She enjoys coffee, reading, coffee, writing, coffee and spending quality time with her family while drinking coffee. She does not enjoy meal planning, cooking, or domestic goddess-type activities but faithfully participates in them out of necessity. 

She speaks when God makes her and writes irregularly at Elevate Ideas and is typically posts random things on Facebook and Twitter. She’s been published in Today’s Christian Woman magazine and written at (in) Popular blog series include 31 Days of Being and Metamorphosis: Embracing a Life of Becoming (which is also the book she’s sorta/kinda/sometimes working on).

Want to chat more with Monica? You can reach her here!



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