Around here, we jokingly refer to Sara as the Left-Brained Free One. Because she is very driven and business-savvy and all those other juicy left-brained things that creative types envy, but she’s also extremely creative and fun and, well, free.

A lover of life and of people, Sara believes in a life of transparency and honesty laced with grace and kindness. After God practically had to hit her over the head, she finally grasped the concept that it is okay to be exactly the way He created you to be and who He created you to be (though she admits He has to remind her every once in a while).

She is a G.R.I.T.S. through and through (Girl Raised in the South) and embraces all the South has to offer — amazing food, fabulous hospitality, great churches, and beautiful examples of God’s creation to name a few.

After graduating from Liberty University she moved to Atlanta, GA where she resides in the “burbs” with her best friend-slash-husband, son and daughter.  Her professional background is in nursing, however, after years of working as an RN she has finally decided to move in a different direction pursing both her passion for people and her passion for God while remaining obedient to the her first priorities of wife and mom.

She also enjoys exercise, entertaining, decorating for the holidays and family dinners. And although she enjoys sharing life with others, nothing can replace the joy of serving her family — sitting for hours at ball fields, cooking, endless hours of homework, listening to the stories of the day, or admiring the one that completes her and makes her a better person.

She is blessed to say the least (but make no mistake, she is blessed but often frazzled by the end of many days).

Want to chat more with Sara? Reach out here!

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