These wallpapers were born out of necessity.

The struggle to remember to BE is a brutal tug-of-war where one end of the rope is stillness and the other is actions and the natural tendency is to let the actions win.

And the truth is that being first and being still is a mindset. We have to decide to be first and once we get still and BE, God will show us if and what to do.

And around here — we need to be reminded of that all. the. time.

So we created these wallpapers so that every time we opened the laptop or picked up the phone it would be a tangible reminder to BE first. And we thought maybe y’all would like them, too.

So you can download any of these wallpapers for free. Just click on the image or link; then right-click to save (or highlight the image on your smartphone to save to camera roll).

Be still and be free, friends.


Free iPad Wallpaper


Free iPhone Wallpaper

BE-DESKTOP WALLPAPER-01Free desktop wallpaper



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