Pam Elmore is a California girl but has been an Atlanta native since 1997. She is a certified event planner (Pampered Events) and enjoys “holding the hands” of her clients through their big day.

Pam’s first love, however, is to honor her Heavenly Father by loving and serving people, especially her faves—her husband, Tim Elmore (Growing Leaders) and their two adult children, Bethany (27) and Jonathan (23). She also adores, and puts up with, her 3-pound Yorkie, Tinkerbelle.


Pam came up to the mountains to record with us live, which was such a treat, because Pam is one of my most favorite people and to see her in person is to have your day made. 

Amber hadn’t met Pam before and was nervous about it, and I wanted to put her at ease and let her know how awesome Pam is.

“Pam is just so…RAD! She’s just the raddest woman I know,” I reassured her. “You are going to adore her!”

(I then had to explain to Amber what the word “rad” meant because I am old and she is not.)

Pam is hip (she single-handedly inspired me to get camouflage skinny jeans, by the way), the cutest thing ever, has the greatest personality and sense of humor and always seems confident and assured.

And if that weren’t enough, she’s also wise, discerning and full of grace. Her words are encouraging and kind, and she loves the Lord mightily and wants to only follow His lead. She is an incredible encourager and supporter to everyone she meets, and her faithfulness to her husband and children is nothing short of inspiring.

The thing I admire most is her unapologetic (but not arrogant) walking-out of the mission God has given to her. She listens to God, does her thing, and makes no apologies for it. She knows she’s doing what she needs to be doing.

She is just RAD.

I don’t mean to put Pam on a pedestal at all (in fact, I’m positive she’s cringing reading this). But I do mean to articulate that Pam Elmore embodies some very specific and clear, Christ-like qualities that I desire to develop and grow in my own life.

And if I can do it looking as cool as she does, all the better.

(p.s., Pam, where did you get the boots you wore to the recording, again?)

I know, without any doubt, you are going to benefit so greatly by listening to this episode. You might even want to listen at home where you can grab a journal and take some notes, like we all did!

Enjoy listening to Pam! And then go be missional and build the kingdom for God right in front of you!

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